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  ABOUT US: My wonderful husband and I travel this amazing country on the "Back Roads of America", dirt, gravel, and anything we can get the "little SUV" on, some you would question! We have been doing this for the last 15 years. What we have discovered is amazing. The people, the places that the average person won't find on the big highways going 75 miles an hour. He writes beautiful books and I take the sometimes "beautiful" pictures, but most of the time my Canon EOS, Xsi and I see the unusual beauty around us. Some of the shots are what you expect of an area, but most of them are unexpected, the views of many things passed by.

We travel with our dog, and he makes sure we see lot's of different areas. He is my favorite model, and has learned to love the camera. We meet many of interesting people, hear wonderful stories and we put this into Tim's short stories or novels. What a trip we are on!...

I hope you enjoy viewing the web site, it is a travel log of sorts, there are some awards in here and I feel blessed to have received these. You will see that my passion is the Iditarod Dog Sled Race, in Alaska. This was my dream, since 1973! My husband made sure this dream came true!

We work hard to see our dreams come true, many of these we have accomplished through the years, that is why we call this, "Dreamcatcher Photography" perhaps you'll see things you will want to see or a new place to go, or an awesome memory of where you have been. What every feelings you might have, follow your dream, make it happen, we don't always have tomorrow. I live by, "Eat dessert first, life is short!"



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